Willie Whopper is a series of cartoons starring the titular character of the same name. They were directed and produced by Ub Iwerks.


Title Release Date
The Air Race n/a
Play Ball 9/16/1933
Spite Flight 10/14/1933
Stratos Fear 11/11/1933
Davy Jones Locker 1/13/1934
Hell's Fire 2/17/1934
Robin Hood, Jr. 3/10/1934
Insultin' the Sultan 4/14/1934
Reducing Creme 5/19/1934
Rasslin' Round 6/1/1934
Cave Man 7/6/1934
Jungle Jitters 7/24/1934
Good Scout 9/1/1934
Viva Willie 9/20/1934
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