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Tom and Jerry Golden Collection: Volume 1
is a two-disc collection of Tom and Jerry cartoons released on October 25, 2011.


Disc 1Edit

  1. "Puss Gets the Boot"
  2. "The Midnight Snack"
  3. "The Night Before Christmas"
  4. "Fraidy Cat"
  5. "Dog Trouble"
  6. "Puss n' Toots"
  7. "The Bowling Alley-Cat"
  8. "Fine Feathered Friend"
  9. "Sufferin' Cats!"
  10. "The Lonesome Mouse"
  11. "The Yankee Doodle Mouse"
  12. "Baby Puss"
  13. "The Zoot Cat"
  14. "The Million Dollar Cat"
  15. "The Bodyguard"
  16. "Puttin' on the Dog"
  17. "Mouse Trouble"
  18. "The Mouse Comes to Dinner"
  19. "Mouse in Manhattan"
  20. "Tee for Two"

Disc 2Edit

  1. "Flirty Birdy"
  2. "Quiet Please!"
  3. "Springtime for Thomas"
  4. "The Milky Waif"
  5. "Trap Happy"
  6. "Solid Serenade"
  7. "Cat Fishin'"
  8. "Part Time Pal"
  9. "The Cat Concerto"
  10. "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse"
  11. "Salt Water Tabby"
  12. "A Mouse in the House"
  13. "The Invisible Mouse"
  14. "Kitty Foiled"
  15. "The Truce Hurts"
  16. "Old Rockin' Chair Tom"
  17. "Professor Tom"

Special featuresEdit

  • "The Midnight Snack" pencil test
  • Commentaries by Animators and Historians on five titles
  1. Mark Kausler on "Puss Gets the Boot" and "Quiet Please!"
  2. Nicole Parker and Earl Kress on "Puss Gets the Boot"
  3. Michael Mallory on "The Night Before Christmas" and "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse"
  4. Nicole Parker and Earl Kress on "The Night Before Christmas" and "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse"
  5. Michael Mallory on "The Yankee Doodle Mouse"
  6. Jerry Beck on "The Zoot Cat" and "Kitty Foiled"
  7. Michael Mallory on "Mouse Trouble"