To Spring is a 1936 Happy Harmonies cartoon directed by William Hanna and Paul Fennell.


This short animates the changing of the seasons through the eyes of the gnomes responsible for spring, as well as their hard work that makes it possible. The gnome leader tells everyone to work for spring. A dark cloud with a deep bellowing voice is used to animate winter, and the elements which nature must fight to put this season behind us. The title To Spring is play on words used to represent the season of spring and action the gnomes must take to wake up and get to work.

Home Video

  • Various public domain VHS/DVD.
  • Laserdisc - MGM Happy Harmonies LaserDisc (unrestored)
  • DVD - Broadway Melody of 1936 (USA 1995 dubbed print added as a bonus)


  • The short fell into the public domain in the United States when Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer failed to renew the copyright in time within the 28-year (at the time) period.
  • This cartoon is often used in a few songs on the PBS series Shining Time Station
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