The Wayward Pups
Directed By: Rudolf Ising
Produced By: Hugh Harman
Rudolf Ising
Released: July 10, 1937
Series: Happy Harmonies
Story: Hugh Harman
Rudolf Ising
Animation: TBA
Layouts: TBA
Backgrounds: TBA
Film Editor: TBA
Voiced By: TBA
Music: Scott Bradley
Starring: Puppies (not the pups from The Pups' Christmas)
Preceded By: The Hound and the Rabbit
Succeeded By: Little Ol' Bosko and the Cannibals

The Wayward Pups is a MGM Happy Harmonies cartoon, released in 1937.


Two small puppies escape from their yard and go exploring the dangerous suburb. They get into serious strife, which ends in a fast-paced chase involving most of the neighborhood.