The Night Before Christmas
The Night Before Christmas
Directed By: William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Produced By: Fred Quimby (uncredited)
Released: December 6, 1941[1]
Series: Tom and Jerry
Story: William Hanna (uncredited)
Joseph Barbera (uncredited)
Animation: Irven Spence (uncredited)[1]
Jack Zander (uncredited)[1]
George Gordon (uncredited)[1]
Cecil Surry (uncredited)[1]
Bill Littlejohn (uncredited)[1]
Layouts: Harvey Eisenberg (uncredited)
Robert Gentle (uncredited)
Backgrounds: Joseph Smith (uncredited)
Film Editor: Fred McAplin
Voiced By: Clarance Nash (uncredited)
Frank Graham (uncredited)
William Hanna (uncredited)
Music: Scott Bradley (uncredited)
Starring: Tom Cat
Jerry Mouse
Preceded By: The Midnight Snack
Succeeded By: Fraidy Cat
The Night Before Christmas is a 1941 animated short, and the third cartoon in the Tom and Jerry series.




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