The Milky Way is a 1940 cartoon directed by Rudolf Ising.


Three little kittens, denied milk as punishment for losing their mittens, sail up into the Milky Way in a hot air balloon. They find lots of stuff in outer space like a cheese moon where all the good little mice all go and diamond rings and a comet train that's very fast and Mars that shoots stars and the big and Little Dipper and they go to the Milky Way. Once in the Milky Way, they find it a land of natural milk springs and gushers. There's also mayhem in the cartoon, what caused the mayhem is the cat in green pajamas drinking old faithful's milk makes him shake, they fall through the end of pools of milk and they end up in a butter Machine turning to butter, the green kitten shakes some more, they go through another pool and they reach the end of the Milky Way and they almost fall. However, it turns out to be just a dream. The mother of the kittens tells them they can have milk now, but when they see grade A milk, they faint.


  • DVD - Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Academy Awards Animation Collection, Disc 1 (Warner Bros.)


Some showings of this cartoon on TV are missing the milk geysers, which at the time was deemed too inappropriate for cartoons.

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  • While this short was reissued in 1957, this is the only reissue to have its opening title cards and credits (except the 1936-42 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer title card) still intact, though it still had the 1950s reissue MGM title card)
  • "The Milky Way" won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film in 1941.


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