The Chump Champ is a 1950 Droopy cartoon directed by Tex Avery.


Droopy and Gorgeous Gorillawitz (Butch) are competing in the olympics to be the King of Sports. Adding to the prize is a kiss from the Queen of Sports. Gorillawitz imagines a pretty girl dog being his queen and decides to win at all costs even though the Judge says the best man must win fair and square.

Gorillawitz tries every trick to stop Droopy from winning, but it all backfires. Finally during the final event he tricks Droopy into signing a document saying that he cheated in every event. He shows it to the Judge who disqualifies Droopy and makes Gorrilawitz the new King of Sports.

Gorillawitz is crowned and the curtain raises to reveal the Queen of Sports. Unfortunately the Queen isn't who Gorillawitz expected as the girl dog is extremely ugly and wants a kiss from the horrified bulldog.

Gorillawitz runs away dropping his crown as he goes with the Queen in hot pursuit. Droopy who has watched the whole thing, breaks the fourth wall by saying: "You know what? Cheaters never win." He picks up the crown and puts it on his head which is too big and falls from his head down to his feet.


  • DVD - Droopy the complete theatrical collection (unrestored)
  • Blu-Ray - Tex Avery Screw Ball Classics: Volume 1 (restored)
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