Tex Avery's Droopy: The Complete Theatrical Collection is a 2007 DVD released by Warner Home Video. It contains all 24 Droopy cartoons and they are all restored from their backup negatives.[1]


Disc 1Edit

  1. "Dumb-Hounded" (reissue)
  2. "The Shooting of Dan McGoo" (reissue)
  3. "Wild and Woolfy" (reissue)
  4. "Northwest Hounded Police" (reissue)
  5. "Señor Droopy"
  6. "Wags to Riches"
  7. "Out Foxed"
  8. "The Chump Champ"
  9. "Daredevil Droopy" (reissue)
  10. "Droopy's Good Deed" (reissue)
  11. "Droopy's Double Trouble"
  12. "Caballero Droopy"

Disc 2Edit

  1. "The Three Little Pups"
  2. "Drag-A-Long Droopy"
  3. "Homesteader Droopy"
  4. "Dixieland Droopy"
  5. "Deputy Droopy"
  6. "Millionaire Droopy"
  7. "Grin and Share It"
  8. "Blackboard Jumble"
  9. "One Droopy Knight"
  10. "Sheep Wrecked"
  11. "Mutts About Racing"
  12. "Droopy Leprechaun"

Special featuresEdit

  • Droopy and Friends: A Laugh Back: Retrospective.
  • Doggone Gags: Gag reel of moments from the series.


  • The packaging states that cartoons 1-18 were directed by Tex Avery. This is incorrect, as Caballero Droopy was directed by Dick Lundy. Additionally, Deputy Droopy was directed by both Avery and Michael Lah.