Fredrick Bean "Tex" Avery was an American director, animator, and cartoonist. He is most notable for his work at Leon Schlesinger Productions/Warner Bros. Cartoons and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, where he created characters such as Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Droopy, Screwy Squirrel, George and Junior, and Chilly Willy.


He got his start working on Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons with Walter Lantz and Bill Nolan from 1930 until 1935. After that, he left for Leon Schlesinger Productions, where he became the studio's third regular director. He stayed until 1941, when he was suspended over a dispute with Schlesinger over cutting the ending of the Bugs Bunny cartoon The Heckling Hare. He left for Paramount, where he worked on the first three Speaking of Animals shorts. After that, he finally joined MGM's animation department, where he stayed until 1953, when he left to return to Walter Lantz once again. There, he refined the design of Chilly Willy. He directed four shorts then retired from directing theatrical cartoons for good, instead working on commercials.

His last work was The Kwicky Koala Show for Hanna-Barbara.

Creations for MGM

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