Tall in the Trap is a 1962 Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Gene Deitch.


  • DVD - Tom and Jerry: The Gene Deitch Collection (remastered; Warner Bros.)
  • Streaming - Boomerang App


  • This cartoon was originally going to be titled "Top Trap", perhaps not wanting to remind people of Hanna Barbera was the reason for the change?
  • The MGM's Lion logo does not appear at the opening titles, rather this one creatively uses a poster of a Lion in the setting of the short.
  • Strangely the scene of the store owner urging the sheriff to find someone to get rid of Jerry is shown twice, once at the start and once more after the opening scene. Perhaps the reason for this was to emulate the way some tv shows gave teasers of the episode before it would start.
  • This cartoon is a parody of Have Gun – Will Travel an American Western series that was produced and originally broadcast by CBS on both television and radio from 1957 through 1963.
  • The cartoon's concept was originally written by Warner screenwriter Tedd Pierce to be for a Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies short featuring Speedy Gonzales and Sylvester the Cat and was pitched to director Robert McKimson. However, McKimson disapproved of the storyline, and decided not to use it. Instead, Pierce sold it to Danch and Deitch, who were desperately looking for suitable storylines for Tom and Jerry. Ironically, Mckimson would later go on to do his own parody of Have Gun – Will Travel with "Feather Finger"


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