Screwy Squirrel, also known as Screwball Squirrel, is an animated cartoon character created by Tex Avery for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The squirrel made his debut in the 1944 Tex Avery-directed Screwball Squirrel.

Though he technically died at the end of 1946's Lonesome Lenny, he was later revived for the 1993 television series Droopy, Master Detective, produced by Hanna-Barbara. There, his name was always "Screwball Squirrel."

He is a red squirrel with buckteeth and a big black shiny nose. From Big Heel Watha onwards he has a tuft of blonde hair, smaller eyes and one gold tooth.


  1. Screwball Squirrel (1944)
  2. Happy-Go-Nutty (1944)
  3. Big Heel Watha (1944)
  4. The Screwy Truant (1945)
  5. Lonesome Lenny (1946)
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