Run, Sheep, Run! is a 1935 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Happy Harmonies cartoon.


The cartoon starts with Bosko, yawning and then dreaming of sheep following the music he is making. Bosko tells Bruno to wake up. We then see the 4 sheep as a black one comes in. Bosko plays more flute music as the black sheep wanders off then gets trapped. Bosko and Bruno rescue him. Although the black sheep was faking he was trapped. The others are happy to see him back. Later on, Bruno finds a bear costumes and dresses up in it. The black sheep wanders again as Bruno approaches him as he gets scared and runs away. Bruno laughs as then Bosko hears him and sees him in a bear outfit. Bruno tries to tell Bosko it is just him but Bosko doesn't listen. Bosko then falls in mud as his weapon shoots and he goes up in the air. He continues to chase Bruno then at one point he falls down and lays there. After Bosko found out it was Bruno he cried. Then they both see a real bear and run away. The black sheep appears as Bosko and Bruno only realized the bear was the 4 sheep. Bosko wakes up from his dream as the cartoon ends.


  • First short with the redesigned Bosko.
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