Honeyland is a 1935 animated film in the Happy Harmonies series (the second in 3-strip Technicolor).


Bees are harvesting nectar from flowers to make honey, as the camera turns to a trio of singing bees. They perform the song as bees are shown making honey, using ways like human techniques of farming, a stereotypical "French chef" tasting it, and melting candle wax to preserve, a reference to beeswax.

Two of the bees are shown chasing each other, outside the safety of the hive. Then, the antagonist (a spider) comes in, chases and captures the female bee. The male bee tries to fight the spider, and the female escapes. Using a flower as a rotary telephone, she contacts the operator, telling him to call for all bees. They come into formation, as the spider tries to escape. To a part of Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee, the group continually stung the spider's abdomen, and the spider instantly flees. The female bee goes to aid the male bee, and with a kiss, he is happy, and all the bees cheer in glee.


  • DVD - A Tale of Two Cities (dubbed version)
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