Hey-Hey Fever is a Happy Harmonies cartoon starring Bosko.


Bosko and Bruno are sadly walking at the park. Bosko packed sandwiches but he lets Bruno eat it all so Bosko only ate the crumb pieces. Bosko then falls asleep dreaming he is at Mother Goose's house in the country. Then Bosko follows her by another house. Then Bosko goes off on his own to a Shoe-footed house. Bosko then sees a mother with alot of babies. He then sees kids wanting candy. Bosko then goes on the dirt road with Mother Goose and the mom and her babies. They then approach a guy looking similar to Pinocchio. Bosko goes inside a knight like house. He then meets up with a king. He later then leads a parade to a farmer's house. He leads the parade again all the way to another house to have dinner with everyone. Everyone is happy as the cartoon ends.


  • This is the last cartoon to feature the original Bosko look.
  • This is the first Happy Harmonies cartoon of 1935.


  • DVD - Motion Picture Masterpieces Collection A Tale of Two Cities (dubbed version)
  • DVD - A Tale of Two Cities (dubbed version)
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