Droopy Leprechaun
Droopy Leprechaun
Directed By: Michael Lah
Produced By: William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Released: July 4, 1958[1]
Series: Droopy
Story: Homer Brightman
Animation: Bill Schipek
Dick Bickenbach
James Escalante
Carlo Vinci
Ken Southworth
Lewis Marshall
Layouts: Dick Bickenbach
Ed Benedict
Backgrounds: F. Montealegre
Film Editor: TBA
Voiced By: Bill Thompson
Music: Scott Bradley
Starring: Droopy
Butch Dog
Preceded By: Robin Hoodwinked
Succeeded By: Tot Watchers
Droopy Leprechaun (1958)

Droopy Leprechaun (1958)

Droopy - Leprechaun - Boomerang Official

Droopy - Leprechaun - Boomerang Official

Droopy Leprechaun is a 1958 Droopy cartoon directed by Michael Lah.


Butch is in Ireland after a pot of gold, convinced that Droopy is a leprechaun.



  • This is the final theatrical Droopy cartoon.



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