Bottles is a 1936 Happy Harmonies cartoon.


Once upon a time in an old apothecary building on a dark, rainy and stormy night, there was an old, ancient pharmacist working on chemicals when he's sitting on his stool. When he falls asleep, a victim to a drop of skrinking poison of his own devising his body is shrunk to the dimensions of thousands of bottles that resides from shoulder to shoulder on the towering shelves. The bottles and containers come to life in a frantic parade of singing and dancing in a manner that are good, clean, fun, and friendly.But there is a sinister presence in this fantasy land: a bottle of poison becomes an evil, maniacal skeleton bent on tormenting our hero. He dispatches spirits of ammoniato seize the poor man and hurls him into a witch's brew of colorful potions. In this sequence, the animators use a dazzling variety of perspectives to show the little guy's journey through a maze of glass tubing filled with colorful liquids bubbling away. The pharmacist wakes to find that he has been reduced to pint size, and that his bottles have turned into people and ceases to exist in his wild, and horrible nightmare.

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