Bosko's Parlor Pranks is an MGM Happy Harmonies cartoon.


Bosko is having a nice day while Honey is struggling dealing with her son, Wilbur. Bosko comes and is asked by Honey to watch her son but Bosko is not thrilled much with the idea. Bosko keeps trying to entertain the child by telling stories and imitating celebrities, but the kid keeps complaining that he wants an ice cream cone. Honey then later arrives back home with an ice cream cone, but Bosko accidentally hits the ice cream with an umbrella. The kid gets mad again and complains as the cartoon ends.


  • This is Bosko's first appearance in a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon. He retains his original Looney Tunes appearance in this short.


  • DVD - Forbidden Hollywood Collection Midnight Mary (dubbed version)
  • DVD - Happy Harmonies
  • DVD - MGM Cartoon All-Stars: Volume 1
  • DVD - Bosko and Friends, Volume 1
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