Bosko's Easter Eggs is a MGM Happy Harmonies cartoon.


The cartoon starts with Bosko and Bruno with a basket of easter eggs. We later see Honey feeding a chicken. Bruno then goes and bother the chicken. Bosko then goes over to the chicken thinking that she has easter eggs. Bosko then peaks at the eggs as the chicken scares him off. Bosko then gets some corn and gives it to the chicken. Bosko then sneaks away and gets the eggs making the chicken mad and worried. Bosko then paints the easter eggs and gives them to Honey. She then finds out they're were babies inside and quickly puts all the eggs back in the nest. Bosko gets Bruno to guard the eggs. The chicken manages to get out of the fence and chases Bruno. Bosko rescues Bruno but the chicken chases both of them around. Bosko and Bruno approach Honey guarding the eggs when the eggs start to hatch and see baby chicks coming out, thus ending the cartoon.


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