Barnyard Babies is a 1935 Happy Harmonies cartoon.


There is a chicken-like contest, and a mother duck and her babies and then pigs eating spaghetti and meatballs and a cow and a horse and an animal putting up a poster saying "Better Babies Contest: Tomorrow in the Big Red Barn." Then a chicken sees a calendar saying "Our Blessed Event" on the 26th of an unknown month. Later on, a little somewhat party is going on in the barn and performances are then shown. Later on, the chickens begin to wait on something. The time goes by fast and the chicken still waits. Then the mother then has babies hatching. The party is still going on at the barn then the chickens come with their babies. But the babies accidentally fall and then land in a trophy and land safely, leading into the end of the cartoon.


  • This is the last MGM cartoon to have "Coffee The Lion" on the opening. Because of the switch to 3-hue colors, a new lion named Tanner was used for future cartoons. In addition, a new opening title card would be used along with Tanner until The Bowling Alley Cat.
  • Final cartoon in 2-hue Technicolor/Cinecolor. Disney's contract with the company expired in 1935 allowing other studios to use the more expensive 3-hue Technicolor process.
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