Bah! Wilderness is a 1943 Barney Bear cartoon directed by Rudolph Ising.


Barney Bear goes camping in the forest. He finds a small clearing and sets up his campsite. He starts by inflating his "Snuggly Wuggly Air Mattress Sleeping Bag", and gets changed into his pajamas, but he's being watched by the animals. Barney tries to scare them off, he throws his boot at a noisy wolf, but it gets thrown back at him, conking him in the head. Unbeknownst to him, a porcupine had snuck under Barney's covers. He finally goes to bed and runs up a tree when the porcupine spikes his butt. Barney gets back down from the tree and sets up bear traps and mouse traps to protect his campsite, only to fall for them himself when a squirrel wakes him up with his radio, accidentally turning it on. When he finally tries to go to sleep, he struggles to fall asleep. The night hours pass by and still struggling to fall asleep until a lullaby plays on his radio, which he finally falls asleep to. But as he's finally fast asleep, the air tube of his air mattress gets sucked into his mouth and starts blowing more air into his air mattress, overinflating it in his sleep. Then just as his air mattress has been overinflated, he suddenly wakes up, just about a second before his air mattress bursts. After that, it starts to rain. The rain excessively pours, causing a flood, which Barney decides to sleep under the flooded.


  • None


  • The 9th cartoon in the Barney Bear series. It is similar to his debut cartoon "The Bear That Couldn't Sleep".
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